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Posted in adventure by dust000 on February 8, 2009

Yesterday Chris Carlsson spoke at Farmlab and the Los Angeles Eco-village about his new book Nowtopia. Informed from his first hand experience of being funneled into a profession that felt dull and meaningless, and promoted an unjust world, he set off on a life long effort to understand how we can self organize a just and meaningful working life.

The gatherings seemed to be preaching to the choir, but to counter that point his book and talk clearly serve as a way of reaffirming the presence of parallel bottom-up developments that aren’t being covered in the mainstream media. He sees these self organized initiatives as reestablishing the commons. Creating a space and time for people to exchange knowledge, build relationships, and develop communities outside of capital. He sketches out a loose history of the past century and frames the histories and current efforts within the context of class struggle.

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